On Wednesday 27 April, the NGC Children’s Bocas Lit Fest will host a special day of activities for schoolchildren at the Queen’s Park Oval in St. Clair. From Thursday 28 April to Sunday 1 May, the children’s storytelling caravan joins the adult festival at the National Library in Port of Spain for four days of creative writing workshops, readings, performances, and the last of the NGC Children’s Bocas Lit Fest storytelling events. 

On the Thursday and Friday, a number of schools are invited to interact with popular and engaging children’s writers, and to enjoy creative writing workshops.

On Saturday and Sunday, all children’s events are open to the public for a full day of family fun! These events take place in the children’s library on the ground floor of the National Library, Port of Spain.

Day 1
24 Apr 2016
Day 2
26 Apr 2016
Day 3
27 Apr 2016
Day 4
28 Apr 2016
Day 5
29 Apr 2016
Day 6
30 Apr 2016
Day 7
01 May 2016

Cuentos de Cipotes

Animation / 2008 / 20 min / El Salvador Director: Ricardo Barahona A cartoon adaptation of Salvador Salazar Arrué’s (Salarrrué) regular short stories in the newspaper Patria in the late...
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Cuentos de Cipotes

Animation / 2008 / 20 min / El Salvador Director: Ricardo Barahona A cartoon adaptation of Salvador Salazar Arrué’s (Salarrrué) regular short stories in the newspaper Patria in the late...
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Imagine New Worlds

Every year the NGC Children’s Bocas Lit Fest offers a special children’s event. In this special 125th anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago’s most famous cricket club, the Queen’s Park Cricket...
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Lylah Persad
Penelope Spencer
Wendell Manwarren

Traditional Japanese Storytelling: Kamishibai Performance and Workshop

Multicultural storyteller, Summer Edward, presents a performance of the Japanese narrative art of kamishibai (literally “paper drama”), a form of visual and participatory storytelling that combines the use of hand-drawn visuals with the engaging narration of...
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Summer Edward

Creativity Workshop

A writing workshop to develop creativity and storytelling skills. For all ages.
Lisa Allen-Agostini

Reading: Tyrell Learns a Lesson

The story of two children Tyrell and Keisha, a brother and sister who learn important lessons one adventurous Carnival. For ages 5-12
Eintou Pearl Springer

The Art of Poetry Workshop

This workshop uses poetry and art to stimulate creativity. It starts with basic grammar exercises, and leads to brainstorming techniques for writing inspiration. Students will perform their poetry pieces for the group to...
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Sufia Giza Amenwahsu

Reading: Marvin and the Race to the Nest

Marvin and the Race to the Nest is a beautifully illustrated book about hummingbirds. The book includes a short story, a poem, and facts about hummingbirds. For children ages 5...
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Carol Mitchell

Reading: Promise of the Pomegranate

Follow the adventures of ten-year old Lexi, who dreams of being a moko jumbi majorette but soon learns that getting what you want can come at a price. A story...
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Alscess Lewis-Brown

Reading: Dragon Boyz

On a small Caribbean island, two boys, Dylan and Christian, discover what appears to be a large magical egg which leads to the start of great adventures.
Jillian Carreira

Workshop: I Sing What I Feel

Everyone has a voice, everyone does not know this. The workshop strives to endow its participants with the confidence and basic technical know-how to create their own songs. For ages...
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Lou Lyons
Muhammad Muwakil

Pistols drawn!

Run for cover! It’s a Midnight Robber duel, as masters of the traditional Carnival masquerade trade their spine-tingling robber talk. With Sterling Kent, a.k.a Gamma Ghost, and Damian Whiskey, 2016...
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Damian Whiskey
Sterling Kent aka Gamma Ghost

Reading and Interactive Presentation

Reading: Hatch A charming story about Hatch, a a competitive little Leatherback Turtle. He and his tiny hatchling brothers and sisters are racing wildly to crack out of their eggs...
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Jeunanne Alkins

Reading: The Princess of Spadina

A wonderful tale of magic and adventure, celebrating diversity and multiculturalism on the streets of Toronto. Ages 5+
Ramabai Espinet

Storytelling Caravan: Bush Fire in the Northern Range

Experience the magic of literature through storytelling. Children are encouraged to craft a story based on the suggested title, unleashing and guiding their creativity and inspiring them to value self-expression...
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Auntie Thea

Film Screening: Super Me

Super Me is a docudrama introducing 13 young superheroes from Trinidad and Tobago. At a time when their nation and world is in crisis, young, real-life heroes discuss their individual powers,...
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Jaime Lee Loy

Reading: If I Can You Can Too

The true stories of some of our local heroes – stories of perseverance, hard work and eventual success.
Marsha Riley

Sunday Lime

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Storytellers Nasoma and Paul Keens-Douglas liven up your Sunday afternoon, plus Wendell Manwarren as Don Quixote and Michael Cherrie as Sancho Panza.
Glenda-Rose Nassoma Layne
Michael Cherrie
Paul Keens-Douglas
Wendell Manwarren