Bios & Bookmarks: An Online Reading Series

Launched in the midst of the coronavirus ‘lockdown’ period back in April, 2020, Bios & Bookmarks was conceived as a way of bringing the Caribbean’s favourite writers of new and award-winning books closer to their local, regional and international audiences. This turned out to be one of our favourite virtual formats, so we came back with a second season, 9 August – 13 September 2020. 

As the global pandemic continues and we move deeper into our ‘new normal’, we’re reminded of how much words matter; how much language, literature and the expression of ideas help sustain us in difficult and isolating times. Our goal is to allow folks to celebrate Caribbean writing wherever they are in the world. 

The third season premieres in November 2020 and will have 6 episodes. Bios & Bookmarks airs on Sundays at 3pm (TT) via the Bocas Lit Fest Facebook Live platform. Each episode is archived on YouTube for those unable to join in real time. 

Season 1: Bios & Bookmarks

Featuring authors Lauren K. Alleyne, Lisa Allen-Agostini, Sonia Farmer, Curdella Forbes, Lauren Francis-Sharma, Richard Georges, Aaron Kamugisha, Anthony Joseph, Caroline Mackenzie and Tessa McWatt. 

Season 2: Bios & Bookmarks

Featuring authors Karen Lord, Diana McCaulay, Rabindranath Maharaj, Jeanelle Frontin, Amanda Alcantara, and Roger Robinson.