More Than A Literary Festival

Keron Niles

Trinidad & Tobago


Dr Keron Niles is a Lecturer at the Institute of International Relations at the University of the West Indies. His work focuses on problems that arise at the intersection of climate and energy policy. Dr Niles has been researching the link between industrial policy, international trade and climate change in the Caribbean since 2008. Within the last five years, his research has also focused on assessing cultural industries as a pathway to low carbon and circular economic growth.

Dr Niles is also the Managing Director of Koru Green Ltd, a firm dedicated to commercializing creative content throughout the Caribbean. Koru Green provides management, marketing and research support to creative professionals who wish to find new markets for the content they produce and/or to expand the consumption of their works within markets in which they are already present. The company currently represents the dynamic musical band known as Freetown Collective.

He is also a published poet, and has been a certified youth worker for the past 23 years. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Government (with minors in History and International Relations) from The University of West Indies and a Master’s Degree in International Law from the University of Aberdeen.

Years Attended

2023 Adult’s Festival Participant
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