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From preparing query letters for literary agents to crunching the numbers for producing your own book, we’re here to help you understand the publishing industry and make your book a reality. 

The growing number of excellent online self-publishing services means that writers today have more options than ever to explore, but they’re also taking on more risk when they do it all themselves. We want every book published by a local author to be produced to international standards, and we have a worldwide network of expert editors, book designers, publishers and literary agents to share with new writers. Our one-on-one consultation will start with a pre-assessment of the manuscript, so we can provide a step-by-step publication guide and personalised recommendations when we meet. The path for every book is different, depending on the level of editing required to get it publication-ready, the genre and style of writing, the target audience and, perhaps most importantly, the dreams and preferences of the author.  

Don’t hesitate to email us at about your work at any stage. We can share helpful information about workshops and prize opportunities, or help you source the right service providers in the book industry (researchers, ghostwriters, editors, book designers, and more). 

As you continue on your journey to becoming a published author, we encourage you to join Friends of Bocas, where you can gain exclusive access to our archive of seminars from some of the region’s top publishing professionals like Ian Randle, Jeremy Poynting, Marina Salandy-Brown, Jacob Ross, Malaika Adero and more!

Publishing Consultation (one hour)

Fee: TT $400 (online consultation via Zoom)

Requirements: Submission of a manuscript/ sample of manuscript for assessment.

Maybe you want to land a literary agent and a big publishing deal, maybe you want to keep all creative control and self-publish your book, or maybe you don’t know enough about either option to decide which one you want! There are several ways to approach publishing, and in our meeting we can review information about each option, and guide you to the best services to help you achieve your publishing goals.

What to expect from a consultation:

  • Recommendations on workshops, competitions, prizes and networking opportunities.
  • Recommendations for high-quality, industry standard service providers: editors, book designers, printers, self-publishers, and publicists.
  • General information on self-publishing and traditional publishing from at home in the Caribbean, especially as it relates to your genre and style.
  • Guidelines for preparing agent and publisher submissions, and information on the publishers and agents within our network seeking new Caribbean writers.

If you wish to book a publishing consultation, please complete the checkout process here (select the number of hours you require) and we will contact you with the items we require before your consultation date is agreed.

The Book Package

In the event that an author or company chooses to self-publish a book, we can manage the publication process according to your publishing budget.

As your publication manager, we will help you select your vendors from our list of recommended publishing professionals (including editors, book designers and printers), and assist you in making important decisions about everything from cover design to print runs and e-publishing to ensure that you have a high-quality, beautifully produced book that appeals to local and international readers.

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