Workshops & Events Archive

Unless otherwise noted, all workshops take place in the Writers Centre, 14 Alcazar Street, St. Clair, Port of Spain.

The Writers Centre is committed to providing a safe workshop space, with emphasis on respectful dialogue and productive, collaborative learning.

Day 1
13 Oct 2018

Non Fiction Workshop (Part 1)

Debbie Jacob will guide you in an introductory session that centres on the uniqueness of non-fiction, with specific examples, a top ten ‘must read’ book list, and writing exercises to get your writing flowing!
Debbie Jacob
Day 2
20 Oct 2018

Non Fiction Workshop (Part 2)

Tracy Assing will talk you through the complex and fascinating world of oral histories, complete with insights into the art of the interview.
Tracy Assing
Day 3
27 Oct 2018

Non Fiction Workshop (Part 3)

In the final session, Judy Raymond will prepare you to approach biography writing, detailing the differences in biographies of the dead and the living, with a focus on the importance of telling our stories.
Judy Raymond
Day 4
10 Nov 2018

Calypso as Craft: A Calypso Writing & Analysis Workshop

Calypso Stories - in collaboration with TUCO in commemoration of Calypso History Month.
Day 5
11 Nov 2018

Poetry Masterclass Workshop (Part 1)

Poetry as Ferocity: Writing your Truth with Radical Honesty. A Masterclass with Shivanee Ramlochan.
Shivanee Ramlochan
Day 6
18 Nov 2018

Poetry Masterclass Workshop (Part 2)

Poetry as Ferocity: Writing your Truth with Radical Honesty. A Masterclass with Shivanee Ramlochan.
Shivanee Ramlochan
Day 7
07 Feb 2019

In conversation with Deneka Thomas

Spoken word poet and teaching artist Deneka Thomas in conversation with Kyle Hernandez. 
Deneka Thomas
Kyle Hernandez
Day 8
09 Feb 2019

More Than Robber Talk – A masterclass with Damian Whiskey

A one-day intensive workshop to cover four key areas of developing the traditional mas character "The Midnight Robber": history, writing, costuming & performance.
Damian Whiskey
Day 9
12 Oct 2019

Writing An Award-Winning Short Story

Two-part workshop across Saturday 12th and 19th October. The sessions begin at 10:00am and registration begins at 9:30am.
Kevin Jared Hosein
Day 10
09 Nov 2019

Getting Started: Creative Writing for Beginners Workshop

Two-part workshop across Saturday 9th and 16th November 2019. Join Muli Amaye, author and coordinator of UWI's Creative Writing MFA programme, for an interactive workshop on the fundamentals of plot, character, voice and subject. Come learn step-by-step ways of turning experience and inspiration into prose, through 8 contact hours of teaching, writing and review at the Writers Centre.
Muli Amaye
Day 11
30 Nov 2019

Not Another Christmas Market

Join us on the cusp of December at The Writers Centre, for Not Another Christmas Market!, a Christmas market with a difference! On Saturday, November 30th, 2019, 10 am –...
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Day 12
12 Jan 2020

Poetry As Ferocity: Writing Your Truth With Radical Honesty Workshop

Two-part workshop across Sunday 12th and 19th January 2020. This masterclass will contain strong language, and is suitable for adults only. Participants must be 18 years or older, and should be willing to share identification if requested. Participants must attend both sessions, and are required to be punctual.
Shivanee Ramlochan
Day 13
18 Jan 2020

Beyond the First Draft: Literary Craft Studio Package

This is a special offer of a 3-part Literary Craft Studio Series (January, April, May 2020). You can choose to register for all sessions or select single sessions from the series.
Monique Roffey

Beyond the First Draft: Literary Craft Studio #1

The first session in a series of literary craft studios with prize-winning writer, lecturer and editor for The Literary Consultancy in London - Monique Roffey. We will cover topics including: Could your short story be a novel? Is your novel too short, or even way too long? Backstory/where to start your story. Realistic word counts for fictional forms/knowing the rules so you can break them. Opening pages/showing in or telling in.
Monique Roffey
Day 14
22 Jan 2020

An Open House: Readings, Performances and More!

We invite you to join us at our home, The Writers Centre, on January 22 to kick off a milestone year of words, stories and ideas for us. That’s right:...
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Andre Bagoo
Caroline MacKenzie
Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw
Jeanelle Frontin
Day 15
29 Jan 2020

BYOBB – Bring Your Own Book & Bottle (January)

A regular TWC calendar feature, this event aims to connect readers of all genres in a relaxed environment. It’s about building community around books and book conversation, and creating an...
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Day 16
04 Feb 2020

Seminar: From Spoken Word to Kaiso

Inspired by the performance innovations of leading spoken word artists Derron Sandy and Idrees Saleem at Borderlines 2019, this seminar formally introduces calypso to a seasoned group of spoken word artists. Participants are challenged to find resonance between calypso and spoken word forms and encouraged to explore possibilities for new performance styles. Registration Opens : Monday 20 Jan 2020.
Marva Newton
Roderick “Chuck” Gordon