Bocas Lit Fest

Festival Radio

Once upon a time, you needed to be physically present at the National Library to enjoy the offerings of the Bocas Lit Fest. This year, however, you’ll be able to listen to the readings, talks, and other items on the festival programme from the comfort of your—well, from wherever you have access to an Internet connection.

Making its debut this year, Festival Radio is a Bocas Lit Fest project that aims to bring the festival experience to a global audience in three ways:

1. Festival Live: A live audio stream, accessible from the Bocas web site, of sessions taking place at the Old Fire Station, interspersed with interviews with visiting writers and other festival tidbits. Listen to the Bocas events as they happen!

2. Festival Daily: A daily audio magazine show featuring festival highlights, interviews and excerpts from readings, talks and the festival’s musical offerings. Available on demand, Festival Daily can be streamed or downloaded from the festival web site.

3. The Festival Radio Archive: Full-length audio recordings of all public Bocas sessions will be archived on the festival web site and available on demand at the Bocas Lit Fest SoundCloud page.

Festival Radio is sponsored by Flow; hosted by Trinidadadian radio personalities, Jessie-May Ventour and Raymond Edwards; and co-produced by Steve Kyte and Georgia Popplewell.

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