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“The Night Grew Dark Around Us”, a poem by Andre Bagoo

With less than a week to go till the start of the 2012 NGC Bocas Lit Fest, we’re happy to share another poem by one of this year’s festival authors, again drawn from the archive of The Caribbean Review of Books.

“The Night Grew Dark Around Us” by Andre Bagoo was published in the September 2011 CRB. Andre will read from his debut book of poems, Trick Vessels, on Saturday 28 April at 11.00 am.


The Night Grew Dark Around Us

By Andre Bagoo

Let the daughter of that hibiscus say:
“His love has no end.”
Let the mother of the daughter say:
“His love has no end.”
Let the author of the mother say:
“His love has no end.”

Let the love, which is a flower, say:
“His love had no end.”
Let the flower, which is the night, say:
“His love has no end.”


From The Caribbean Review of Books, September 2011

Andre Bagoo is a journalist and poet. His first book of poems, Trick Vessels, was published in early 2012.