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“Human, right?” Ole mas competition at #Bocas2017

We’re mixing the #bocas2017 human rights agenda with ole mas, one of T&T’s most cherished folk traditions. Bands of 5-10 people will parade their genius for the public and judges for special prizes and bragging rights!

Registration is free, so all you need is your team, your theme and some winning spirit. To register, download and complete the registration form and return this by email to

What is ole mas? 

“Ole mas”, an essential part of J’Ouvert, is street theatre. Ole mas competitions pit rival masqueraders – dressed in their own or borrowed old clothes, often incongruously composed and cryptically elaborated by a satirical placard (usually of something socially or politically topical) – against each other for the prize. Puns are a mainstay for the placards and costumes. These cheeky and clever costumes and characters often reflect public sentiment on current affairs, and also reflect Trinidadian’s playful creativity (some of the other islands actually refer to us as “Trickidadians”). – The Birth and Evolution of Trinidad Carnival | Discover Trinidad & Tobago Travel Guide