Bocas Lit Fest

Both U.WE Speak and U.SC Speak are produced by the 2 Cents Movement as a Bocas Lit Fest youth project. They are free and open to the public.

This semester there were several university open mic sessions related to World Mental Health Day (album) and the International Day of The Girl (album). Special editions included discussions about gender based violence and the urgency of responding to climate change.

Among the many collaborations were groups such as the Peer Counselling Association of the UWI, Girl Be Heard TTIAMovement, The Trinidad Youth Council  and a number of other pioneers in youth work.

During the Bocas Youth Week in November USC Speak hosted a panel discussion themed “The Bottle Trick” (album) highlighting the recognition and navigation of mental health issues. U.We Speak‘s focus was “Youth Matters”, which featured a discussion curated by the Trinidad Youth Council on the National Youth Policy.

“For students, the beauty of open mic events is the ability to come together with a common goal to speak up and speak out in spaces to learn, interact and feel safe,” says Ashlee Burnett, Bocas Blogger, 2 Cents Movement Poet and USC Speak President.

Both U.We Speak and USC Speak resume in January 2018 with new ways to engage youth to be socially conscious young people!



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