Bocas Lit Fest

On Thursday 12 November, we’re hosting the first of two interactive online workshops with St Kitts & Nevis-born author Carol Mitchell, guiding participants through the fundamentals of writing dialogue and point of view. In the second on Thursday 19 November, Mitchell shares insights for spotting and addressing common errors in participants’ manuscripts. 

Both workshops are ideal for fiction and non-fiction writers and guarantee one-one feedback with Mitchell, who, in addition to having authored 18 books for children of all ages (three of which are forthcoming from HarperCollins), is the founder of Caribbean Reads Publishing. 

Part of the ongoing Bocas Lit Fest How to series for emerging and aspiring writers, these workshops provide access to more of the tools, tricks and tips of their trade from the experts. Both sessions with Mitchell can still be booked at a discounted price of TTD500, or a single one at TTD300. Click here to learn more and register.

We also recently launched Lit’s Be Real, a brand new, free, online conversation series and aimed at connecting Caribbean writers with a range of independent industry professionals abroad. Hosted by Amanda Choo Quan, winner of the 2020 Johnson and Amoy Achong Caribbean Writers Prize which develops new writing talent, Lit’s Be Real offers frank, solution-oriented discussions with editors, educators, agents and more. The remaining three installments of the four-part series, livestreamed on the Bocas facebook page, are set for November 18, December 2, and December 16, at 6pm local time. 


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