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NGC Bocas Youth Fest 2022 Schedule is Live!

Our Schedule is now LIVE! Download the programme, browse our sponsored opportunities and join us at NGC BOCAS YOUTH FEST 2022 on Saturday 19th November 2022!

NGC BOCAS YOUTH FEST is a celebration of literary arts and youth in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean region.

In 2021 NGC and the Bocas Lit Fest (BLF) made history by producing Trinidad and Tobago’s first literary festival for youth.The festival was founded with the aim to make literature relevant, appealing and accessible to young people ages 13-25. The inaugural festival took place via livestream on August 19th 2021 and featured 19 participants across 8 events.  To date, the festival has garnered 11,700 organic views on Bocas’ Facebook page, which is the highest total view count for any Bocas livestream festival. 

The 2022 NGC Bocas Youth Fest will be even more impactful as we look forward to hosting the first ever one day celebration in person with young creatives in Trinidad and Tobago!

This Year’s Programme Components Include: 
  • Writing My Career (Career Fair)
  • New Forms of Writing (Career Fair) 
  • The Big Idea Debate
  • Creative Workshops (Sign Me Up and Clickbait) 
  • Stand and Deliver Open Mic
  • Backyard Lime and After Party 
  • Creative TikTok Competition Launch

Check out the full listing of the events at

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