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Cahier d’un retour au pays natal (Notebook of A Return to My Native Land)

Country of Authorship: Martinique
Author: Aimé Césaire
Genre: Poetry

Publisher: Présence africaine

Publication Year: 1939


Césaire’s masterpiece that reaches the powerful and overlooked aspects of black culture.

“Aimé Césaire’s masterpiece, Notebook of a Return to the Native Land, is a work of immense cultural significance and beauty. The long poem was the beginning of Césaire’s quest for négritude, and it became an anthem of Blacks around the world. With its emphasis on unusual juxtapositions of object and metaphor, manipulation of language into puns and neologisms, and rhythm, Césaire considered his style a “beneficial madness” that could “break into the forbidden” and reach the powerful and overlooked aspects of black culture.” – Wesleyan University Press

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