More Than A Literary Festival

Going Home to Teach

Country of Authorship: Jamaica
Author: Anthony C. Winkler
Genre: Non-fiction

Publisher: Macmillan Caribbean

Publication Year: 1995


“Winkler’s account of the year spent in Jamaica teaching at a rural teacher training college is a rich combination of autobiography and incisive social commentary, with a wealth of material including contrasts between the American and Jamaican outlooks, insights into the dilemma of being a member of a privileged minority, and lessons about the perils of superimposing a foreign ideology onto a native culture. Told with Winkler’s characteristic zany humour – and featuring an entertaining assortment of quirky characters from the author’s past and present – but also teeming with frustration, anger and ultimately a passionate love of country, Going Home to Teach is significant both as a work of literature and as a marker of a pivotal period in Jamaica’s modern history.” – Macmillan Publishers

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