More Than A Literary Festival

Abdul Majeed Abdal Karim

Age: 24
Area: Port of Spain
Year: 2023
I am a Muslim 1st and foremost. I was born At a place most beloved to me and close to my heart. I am entirely convinced that it is one of the main reasons I have grown to be as I am: unrelenting and passionate. In my life I have come to understand many perspectives, having lived them and though young, that has carried me to the edge of the frame of my significance every morning. And so from the beginning of everyday is a struggle a great jihad to make my time here significant. Still, not for me is the authority to approve that, and not for me is any glory in that. My creator has crafted in me a mind in my heart, and a mind in my head, and with that comes various abilities. I am only here, as a conduit of the message. By my character by my speech and rhe actions that follow through; the way I choose to live in secret and in the open. All I am, is all that I am able to do. And Allah over all, is witness.
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