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Dr. Patricia Saunders

Dr. Patricia Saunders



Her latest book Buyers Beware is soon to be launched in Trinidad and Tobago and offers a new perspective for critical inquiries about the practices of consumption in (and of) Caribbean popular culture. The book revisits commonly accepted representations of the Caribbean from “less respectable” segments of popular culture such as dancehall culture and ‘sistah lit’ that proudly jettison any aspirations toward middle-class respectability. 

Her research and scholarship focus largely on the relationship between sexual identity and national identity in Caribbean literature and popular culture. Her work has appeared in The Bucknell Review, Calabash, Plantation Society in the Americas and Small Axe. She is the author of Alien-Nation and Repatriation: Translating Identity in Anglophone Caribbean Literature.

Years Attended

2022, 2022 BYOBB
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