More Than A Literary Festival

Gabrielle Murray

Trinidad & Tobago


Born and raised in the beautiful little island of Tobago, Gabrielle Murray is one of the island’s rising spoken word poets. This 17-year-old’s mantra to reach for the moon is pinned to the quote “Higher than the highest human thought is God’s ideal for his children”. She is a youth leader at her church, an active member of many clubs and is known as a musician and a singer in many spheres. Gabrielle began performing at a young age and appeared many times on the Tobago Channel 5’s Children Showcase. She has excelled academically notably placing 2nd overall in Tobago for the SEA exam in 2016. She currently attends Bishop’s High School where she placed 6th on the CXC merit list for Spanish. It was Gabrielle’s love for reading that propelled her into writing. Spoken word poetry gave her a voice. It is a channel for her words, her stories, her messages to leave the page and reach the ears of many.

Years Attended

2022 Adult’s Festival Participant
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