More Than A Literary Festival

Harmony Farrell

Trinidad & Tobago


Harmony Farrell was named the inaugural NGC Bocas Youth Writer of the Year in 2021. She is a performer, educator, postgraduate researcher and ”talker of t’ings in the Arts and culture”, i.e., active reviewer of local theatre, film and cultural presentations. The incisive social commentary in her writing unites the intellectual, creative and mundane. Her blogs are typically inspired by social media discourse, and her theatre and film reviews recognise the importance of feedback in developing the quality of local performances. She is an MA student in the Cultural Studies programme at the UWI, where she is currently working on her thesis on digital media in the topic of Memes as Mas: Negotiation of Backwardness Through Humour in Trinidad & Tobago. Find her writing here:


2021 NGC Bocas Youth Writer of the Year

Years Attended

2021, 2021 Featured Speaker
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