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Helen Batson

Helen Batson

Trinidad & Tobago


Helen Williams Batson, pen-name ‘Khadine’ is a Theatre Practitioner, Actress, Performance Writer, Storyteller and Educator. Ms. Williams Batson is the Founder & Artistic Director of OMACA, formerly ‘Livewire’ a Children’s Performing & Developmental Company, with the projected goal statement, ‘producing gems.’ In 2017 Helen Williams Batson made her debut in her premiere solo performance ‘Shades of Blue’ and on February 25th 2018 OMACA hosted a children’s Reading & Storytelling Competition ‘Expressions Two.’ She is presently working towards the completion of her two books to be launched later in 2018. Helen has worked with audiences both locally and internationally in New York, Barbados and St. Lucia. Her work has also been performed and viewed on television in other Caribbean islands and Nigeria.

Years Attended

2018 Children’s Festival Storyteller
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