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Kervisha Cordice

Kervisha Cordice

Trinidad & Tobago


Kervisha Cordice is a Caribbean creative from the twin island,  Trinidad and Tobago.

Kervisha is not only writer but a singer who dabbles in visual art particularly mixed media with specific attention paid to creating beaded mosaics.

Though it may pivot towards various aspects of the human experience, her work is centered on mental health and spirituality.

After graduating from The University of the West Indies in 2019 with a BA in Literatures in English and Linguistics as a Double Major, she self-published her first collection of poems “Sunrise on the Quadrangle” and has been in pursuit of consistent publication ever since. 

All she wants from her body of work is to know that it leaves just one person feeling less alone in their human experience, and that is her motivation to create. 

Years Attended

NGC BOCAS Youth Writer 2022 Award
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