More Than A Literary Festival

Lawerence Arjoon

Lawerence Arjoon

Trinidad & Tobago


Lawrence is a progressive development leader inspiring hope and collaboration for a safe and sustainable future. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Heroes Foundation, a Caribbean development centre that delivers strengths-based and rights-based, child and youth-friendly interventions for psychosocial development, sustainability education, and mentorship.

With a history of creativity and innovation in energy and media, Lawrence’s leadership demonstrates a systematic approach to operational optimisation and digital transformation, a keen sensitivity to culture, diversity, and inclusion, a fervent focus on safety and safeguarding, and a deep commitment to a sustainable future for all people.

Lawrence is an avid participant and supporter of culture and the arts, performing in local and international musical and theatrical showcases, working with art galleries and on-stage productions, and enjoying the plethora of artistic expressions in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

Years Attended

2023, 2023 First Citizens National Poetry Slam
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