More Than A Literary Festival

Nabeel Ishmael

Trinidad & Tobago


A proud citizen of Trinidad & Tobago, Nabeel Ishmael is 13 years old and attends Asja Boys College San Fernando. He loves cars and in my spare time, finds himself drawn to studying the specs on ‘fast’ engines. He’s excited to acquire my driver’s license.  He also loves swimming, cricket and martial arts. I am.  His favourite place to be is at the North Coast beaches enjoying tasty bake and shark. He frequently visits Mayaro and loves the picturesque beauty of nature that surrounds the area. Music is another one of his greatest passions and he is the family DJ at get togethers. Trini music is definitely a vibe! He says of his experience during the Masterclass; “I thoroughly enjoyed the experience offered by Lit Bocas Fest when I took the opportunity to attend Derron Sandy’s Masterclass. I am happy that I did. It was Lit!”

Years Attended

2022 We Lit! Chapbook
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