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Nadine McNeil

Nadine McNeil

Indonesia, Jamaica


Jamaican-born, Nadine McNeil’s mantra is: when one of us suffers we all suffer.  Yet when one of us heals, we all heal.  As a writer, yoga teacher, speaker, wisdom mentor and humanitarian her work aims to ignite infinite possibilities in people around the world, especially within diverse underserved communities. Compassion, justice and truth are the intrinsic values that compel her to share her life experiences with others so that they are moved, touched and inspired to confront and transform themselves.

As an accomplished transformational speaker, Nadine has appeared on international platforms such as Mindvalley’s A-Fest, BaliSpirit Festival, Caribbean Yoga Conference and online for the Shift Summit and Soulvana, the Mindvalley online platform that offers a plethora of mindfulness workshops and classes.  She attributes her honed speaking skills to her extensive studies under the tutelage of her coach, Lisa Nichols, CEO of Motivating the Masses. She has also been featured on CNN, Australian Financial Review, Elephant Journal, Mantra Magazine and Medium for her life’s work.

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