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Patricia J Adams

Patricia J Adams

Trinidad & Tobago


Patricia J. Adams, better known as Teacher Patsy, was born in The Farrington, Anguilla. She began writing cultural poetry during the Anguilla Revolution. She has published three anthologies of poems. Her work has been performed by schools, churches and clubs throughout Anguilla, the Caribbean and the Isle of Wight. Teacher Patsy writes the graduation songs for schools almost every year for the eighteen years of her teaching career and until today. Since 2009, The Patricia J. Adams Literary Award is given annually for the best essay in the Test of Standards. Her work has taken her to Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, The Isle of Wight and St. Maarten (Dutch and French). Teacher Patsy has been a repeat guest at Anguilla’s annual Lit Fest. In 2016 her first book Blue Beans was published. In 2017 she published Mouthspeeches, a dictionary of Anguillian words and proverbs. In 2018 Sunshine Theatre presented her with “The Artist of the Year Award.” In 2019 she received The Malliouahana Culture Bearer Award and published her second book, Yellow Dad. In 2020 she was a recipient of the National and Cultural Award. Her objective for writing is to let the younger generations be aware and be appreciative of the lifestyles of former days.

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