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Sarah Inglefield

Sarah Inglefield

Trinidad & Tobago


Sarah Inglefield is passionate about building brands and empowering our next generation to realise their fullest potential – in life and in business. She is an experienced advertising agency executive, Marketing Consultant, Mentor and Author, currently living in Trinidad and Tobago. Over the last 20 years her experience spans the Caribbean, Europe and Asia with brands like Ford Motor Company, MasterCard, Unilever, British American Tobacco, Republic Bank and Carib Brewery. Many of these
campaigns and projects have won multiple regional and international awards.

Sarah has additionally served as Vice-President of the AAATT, as a Member of the IDB Next Gen Committee, and in her most recent role became the youngest female CEO at any local advertising agency. Sarah’s spirited fearlessness showed the community what being a changemaker can lead to and accepting the risks it sometimes comes with. She strongly believes that the only way to transform a business and an industry is through personal transformation.

When not running an agency or consulting with SME’s, Sarah balances her days mentoring teenagers through her Happy Healthy Kids & Teens Program, hiking nature trails, or on some sort of “Hotfoot Adventure” around Trinidad and Tobago with Scotty, her Yorkshire terrier puppy. All of this is amplified online through her popular TikTok platform, @hotfoot_sarah.

Years Attended

2022 NGC Bocas Youth Fest
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