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Sarah White

Sarah White



Sarah White,  joint recipient of the 2013 Bocas Henry Swanzy Award with her late husband John La Rose, started life as a science historian and worked for fifteen years as the Soviet Science consultant to the New Scientist magazine. In 1966 she and her partner, the late Trinidadian poet and activist John La Rose, founded New Beacon Books, the UK’s first black bookshop and publisher, where she worked until 2016. Sarah White was a founder member of the International Book Fair of Radical Black and Third World Books (1982-1995), and the founding Trustee Secretary of the George Padmore Institute (1991), which she still holds. She has been closely involved with the development of the archive collections held at and publications released by the Institute. She has helped to oversee many important projects, such as the five-year Dream to Change the World which ended in 2015 with a very successful exhibition at Islington Museum on John’s life and legacy.


2013 Bocas Henry Swanzy Award

Years Attended

2013, 2013 Adult’s Festival Participant
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