Bocas Lit Fest

Event Synopsis

A 2021 festival favorite, we engage some of the sharpest young minds for a debate on a trending topic. Youth leaders come together on the main festival stage to engage in an entertaining and thought provoking debate on the future of Trinidad and Tobago.  In 2022 we continue “The Big Idea” debate series, seeking to involve more young people from the Caribbean across through a livestream. 

This year’s theme: Is the Commonwealth still relevant?

***The commonwealth is an entity where smaller countries have the opportunity to be a part of and contribute to global conversations (a seat at the table). 

Featuring Young Debaters: Alexandria Douglas, Aalon Bullard, Rol-J Williams, Geron Ruiz, Jasher DeGannes, Joel Phillip, and Brandon Butcher


Rol-J Williams
Trinidad & Tobago
Geron Ruiz
Trinidad & Tobago
Aalon Bullard
Trinidad & Tobago
Joel Philip
Trinidad & Tobago
Alexandria Douglas
Trinidad & Tobago
Jásher De Gannes
Trinidad & Tobago
Brandon Butcher
Trinidad & Tobago
Sponsored by NGC


Sponsored by NGC


Nov 19 2022


3:30 pm

The event is finished.

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