More Than A Literary Festival

Fédon Honoré

Age: 38
Area: Petit Valley
Year: 2023
"I am the offspring of the Reincarnation of O Cangaceiro, descendant of the Agent of Death Valley, Apprentice of the Midnight Killer and Blood Brother of the Mellancolly Marauder. A Master of the Killer Oratory am I, mocking pretenders seek cover when my words I let fly. My tongue is kinetic, my saliva hydro-electric, the lyrics I put down are electro-magnetic. You hang on to every word though you know you should let go because my flow hits you like a million megavolts..." As the son of two librarians, and being a Midnight Robber since the age of 12, I have always been fascinated with the power of words well wielded. My love for language also extends beyond English : I speak fluent French and 'adequate' Spanish and like the Midnight Robber tradition, I also seek to transmit these to the upcoming generations. I am returning to the FCNPS semi-finals after a 8 year hiatus. For me, the spoken word is an intrinsic and long standing part of our cultural heritage as Trinbagonians and I am going to demonstrate this to the audience and the judges on this, my third triumphant turn.
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