Jeunanne Alkins

Children's Author
Trinidad & Tobago

Jeunanne Alkins is a prize-winning creative director, author/illustrator and the founder of the design studio, EVERYTHING SLIGHT PEPPER. Since 2005, Jeunanne has been immersed in publishing, starting at MACO magazines, then moving on to write, design, and produce three books for her brand BRIGHT EYED and numerous client commissions. Channeling the spirit of her multicultural childhood, she has thrown herself wholeheartedly into showcasing things that make the Caribbean islands special. Merging her character-driven storytelling and graphic style, Jeunanne’s mission is to spark curiosity through environmental, historical, and cultural edutainment. She is keen for children with Caribbean roots to see themselves reflected and to open up the world for families outside of the region. With the growing inaccessibility of travel, she believes that it is important for children everywhere to have access to stories about people who may not look like they do and grow up in places different to where they are from.

Years Attended

2018 Children’s Festival Participant, 2016 Children’s Festival Participant, 2017 Children’s Festival Participant, 2019 Children’s Festival Storyteller, 2022 Children’s Festival Participant
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