More Than A Literary Festival

Camille Hernández-Ramdwar

Camille Hernández-Ramdwar

Canada, Trinidad & Tobago


Camille Hernández-Ramdwar is a scholar, independent consultant and author of the 2023 debut short story collection Suite as Sugar. She is the author of several academic publications and works of fiction. Professor Emerita at Toronto Metropolitan University, she is currently working on a book about the failures of anti-racism initiatives in Canadian universities, as well as a novel of historical fiction and magical realism spanning multiple continents and eras. She is Director and Lead Consultant of two DEI and anti-racist consultancies: Ibu Ocantomi Inc. (Toronto) and Dorado Equitability Consulting (Trinidad and Tobago).

Years Attended

2023 Adult’s Festival Participant, 2024 Adult’s Festival Participant
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