Bocas Lit Fest

Chris Baball

Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago

Chris Baball, originally from Rio Claro and Curepe in Trinidad and Tobago, now lives in Geneva, Switzerland. He is a retiree from the United Nations, having worked there for over 19 years, and before at the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago. Since retirement, he has journeyed into writing. He is a member of the Geneva Writers’ Group, a group of international writers based in Geneva, and an active member of a sub-group – the Virtuous Writing Circle. This is his first adventure into fiction/non-fiction. Earlier writings were of technical nature, primarily on debt management and statistics. His book – Comfort Food and Breakin Biche – is soon to be published.

Years Attended

2021 Adult's Festival Participant
Festival Programme Event


Apr 23 2021
05:05 pm - 05:30 pm
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