More Than A Literary Festival

Everard J. McBain Jr

Trinidad & Tobago


Everard has a passion for comics and animation for as long as he can remember. Thanks to his mother’s wisdom, who saw the creativity in him and nurtured it, Everard became a professional graphic designer. When he met Dixie Ann, he was inspired to revisit his childhood passions. It was then they decided to create Celflux their flagship title. It was first developed as a graphic novel, and grew into an animated series. Since then they have begun work on two more projects God of the Wilderness, and Jumbie. The last title is about a superhero from Trinidad and Tobago. 

Dixie Ann and Everard refer to their projects as labours of love and pursue the projects with a passion that reflects their love for the craft. They operate on the philosophy of using what you have and starting where you are so they are continually working to develop stories that they hope will inspire and encourage people to achieve their dreams. 

Years Attended

2022 NGC Bocas Youth Fest
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