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Nickolai Salcedo

Nickolai Salcedo

Trinidad & Tobago


Nickolai Salcedo is an actor, singer/songwriter, musician and visual artist.

Frontman for the band Gyazette that he has spearheaded for 8 years, Nickolai has also been seen in a wide variety of theatre roles, including his critically acclaimed performance of King Oberon/Duke Theseus at the Trinidad Theatre Workshop’s 2013 production of A Midsummernight’s Dream. He played the lead in an original rewrite of the Faustian story titled Jab Molassie, directed by Pat Cumper.
He plays a supporting role in the film ‘Play The Devil’ as well as the title role in docu-drama HERO: The Life and Times of Ulric Cross, directed by award winning director/writer Frances Anne Solomon, both of which are currently in post-production.
He has recently broken out as a solo musician and full time visual artist, and is currently working on three conceptual albums. A storyteller as well as performer, Nickolai is currently working on a multi-media art installation which creates a world and multiple story lines.

Years Attended

2016 Adult’s Festival Participant
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