Unless otherwise noted, all workshops take place in the Writers Centre, 14 Alcazar Street, St. Clair, Port of Spain.
Hone your skills in non-fiction writing with this comprehensive, three-part workshop at The Writers Centre! A trio of T&T’s most established and accomplished non-fiction writers will take you through the essential stages of defining non-fiction; selecting your subject matter; conducting effective interviews; best practices in sourcing material, and more. All sessions will be interactive and immersive, with opportunities to ask questions and receive feedback from instructors and peers. The Writers Centre is committed to providing a safe workshop space, with emphasis on respectful dialogue and productive, collaborative learning. 
Please note registration sign up is for all 3 workshops, so you are required to register once only. This covers sign up for all 3 workshop sessions. Participants are required to attend all 3 sessions. 

Day 1
13 Oct 2018

Non Fiction Workshop (Part 1)

Debbie Jacob will guide you in an introductory session that centres on the uniqueness of non-fiction, with specific examples, a top ten ‘must read’ book list, and writing exercises to get your writing flowing!
Debbie Jacob
Day 2
20 Oct 2018

Non Fiction Workshop (Part 2)

Tracy Assing will talk you through the complex and fascinating world of oral histories, complete with insights into the art of the interview.
Tracy Assing
Day 3
27 Oct 2018

Non Fiction Workshop (Part 3)

In the final session, Judy Raymond will prepare you to approach biography writing, detailing the differences in biographies of the dead and the living, with a focus on the importance of telling our stories.
Judy Raymond