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Spread the word about free adult literacy classes in T&T

The Adult Literacy Tutors Association (ALTA) – student registration on Tue 2 & Wed 3 September 2014. 

Many persons who need ALTA’s free adult literacy classes are still not aware of these. Registration for new students is on Tues 2 and Wed 3 September at public libraries across Trinidad. It could change someone’s life if you share this with your colleagues, family and friends as they might know someone who needs ALTA.

Haven’t heard of ALTA? The Adult Literacy Tutors Association, a non-profit organization in existence since 1992, provides the only comprehensive, structured, adult literacy programme in Trinidad and Tobago. ALTA conducts free classes at 60 locations throughout Trinidad taught by 250 volunteer tutors. Every year, ALTA trains 100 new volunteers and a one-day refresher course is mandatory for all continuing volunteers. ALTA produces all its own teaching materials. These include workbooks, phonic cards, games, reading books and tutors’ handbooks.

Annually, approximately 1,500 students attend ALTA community classes. Of these, roughly 900 are new students and 600 either repeating or moving up to a higher level. Classes are twice a week for two hours and run with the school year – September to July, with holidays for Christmas and Easter. Once registered, the student may stay as long as needed to achieve the literacy goals they set for themselves.

Find out more about how you can support the cause of literacy and share your love of reading through ALTA: