More Than A Literary Festival

(left to right) Dr Keith Nurse, President of COSTAATT; Ms Clarinda Jack, Dean, Ken Gordon School of Communication, Creative and Digital Media; Jean-Claude Cournand, CEO of the Bocas Lit Fest; Stefan Lalonde, Director on the Board of the Scotiabank Foundation; Anna Singh, CEO (Ag.), Ministry of Education; Melvina Hazard, Children’s Programme Manager, Bocas Lit Fest; and Marielle Forbes, Youth and Hospitality Manager, Bocas Lit Fest.

The Scotiabank Write Away! Project Non-Fiction Series is now open for registration. Produced by the Bocas Lit Fest and sponsored by the Scotiabank Foundation, the young adult literature project is an innovative educational initiative aimed at fostering a love for reading and writing among students across the Caribbean. Grounded in a commitment to empowering the next generation, this engaging series will equip students with essential non-fiction writing skills, enabling them to excel in the world of work after graduation.

Designed for students in Forms 3 to 6, the Scotiabank Write Away! Non-Fiction Series comprises a comprehensive collection of resources. Students will have access to a set of five engaging videos, each lasting five minutes, which tackle various aspects of non-fiction writing, including narrative, descriptive, persuasive, expository, and creative non-fiction. These videos promise to answer burning questions and shed light on the practical applications of non-fiction writing, from its relevance in entrepreneurship to the distinctiveness of spoken word poetry.

Along with the video series, students will receive a workbook to accompany lessons and reinforce their understanding of the concepts covered. To further enhance the learning experience, the Scotiabank Write Away! Non-Fiction Series offers a unique opportunity for students to participate in workshops facilitated by the Ken Gordon School of Journalism and Communication Studies at the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT). Each interactive session will cover a diverse range of topics, such as feature writing, news report writing, scriptwriting, and social media communications, among others. By equipping students with these critical skills, the project aims to empower them to pursue careers as entrepreneurs, entertainers, media professionals, and technical writers, among other professions.

A selection of students from the workshops will have the opportunity to intern at media houses, advertising agencies, marketing departments, and other areas in the corporate sector, using their newly acquired skills.

“The Scotiabank Write Away! Non-Fiction Series is an invaluable resource for students as they embark on their journey into the world of work,” says Melvina Hazard of the Bocas Lit Fest. “We are proud to collaborate with The Scotiabank Foundation to provide engaging digital content that supports online English classes and keeps students motivated and engaged in reading, writing, and online learning.”

All secondary schools throughout the Caribbean will have access to the Scotiabank Write Away! Non-Fiction Series through the Ministry of Education’s School Learning Management System (SLMS) and the Ministry of Education’s YouTube Channel. Video recordings of the workshops will be made available on demand, ensuring that teachers and students can access them at their convenience. 

To participate in this exciting initiative, schools are invited to register via the link below, where they will gain access to the video series, student workbooks, and exclusive in-person workshop and internship opportunities for graduating students. The Scotiabank Write Away! Poetry and Fiction 

materials from previous iterations of the project are still accessible through the Ministry of Education’s SLMS and YouTube Channel.
For registration details and further information on the Scotiabank Write Away! Project, visit

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