More Than A Literary Festival

WE LIT is a new BOCAS Youth Project in collaboration with the JB Fernandes Memorial Trust.  It is based on the idea that English Language and Literature can be tools for self-empowerment in everyday life. The programme introduces students to books relevant to their challenges, encourages them to write about their personal experiences and provides access to quality online classes to improve their academic performance in English Language and Literature. 

The programme’s goals are to:

  • Introduce youth to the power of literature (reading and writing) as a tool for personal development via in-person and online performance and master classes.
  • Help students access free quality English and English Literature lessons via their devices and smartphones.
  • Increase student interest and engagement in English and English Literature education by offering a diverse range of means of expression, including their own chapbooks.
  • Improve students’ academic performance in English and English Literature by developing their literacy skills and self-confidence.
  • Improve student well-being through a sense of accomplishment reflected in all their schoolwork.

Programme Components

Seven artists share spoken word poems which demonstrate the power of literature and writing as a tool for sharing your story. This 4 part video campaign encourages youth to develop poems based on their own stories and to sign up for the We Lit Masterclasses and online CSEC lessons in Language and Literature. The campaign takes place across major digital platforms and through traditional media.

An online masterclass facilitated by Spoken Word Champion, Derron Sandy, which teaches youth the basic skills of writing their own story: journaling, creative writing/short stories, and poetry.

Student stories emerging from the Masterclasses will be compiled, edited and published in a limited print chapbook. The books will be a keepsake for participants as well as a resource in libraries.

Download the We Lit! Chapbook 


Alyssa Jackson

Andrew Menacett

Beena Ramdeen

Daria Roberts

Jevon Tull

Keziah Gopaul

Kya Pereira

Kyriah Martinez

Moriah Wong Chong

Nabeel Ishmael

Olufunmilayo Oyesanya-Ryan

Rachel Pickering

Selena Mohammed

Shania Martin

Students who sign up will have the opportunity to be a part of the pilot cohort of Bocas’ CSEC English A and English B online lessons classes.

Students learn about literary works relevant to their experiences using popular spoken word poetry and theatre. Additionally, they have the opportunity to see how other young people take their life experiences and craft them into literary works (spoken word performance and short stories).

We Lit! Chapbook


Back By Popular Demand! Young Writers’ Masterclass with Derron Sandy Writeup

Don’t miss WE LIT’s last FREE 2-day Young Writers’ Masterclass with reigning First Citizens National Poetry Slam champion, Derron Sandy!

Are you a young person interested in expressing yourself creatively?

Learn how to craft an impressive story and expertly weave together your ideas from your experiences!

A fun and interactive way to develop your creativity.

Register below to Get Lit!

Register Here:

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Derron Sandy
Derron Sandy
Trinidad & Tobago
Spoken Word Poet

CSEC Lessons

Learn and practice everything you need to ACE your Language and Literature Exams in 12 weeks!


Sign up for the FIRST-EVER Bocas Lit Fest CSEC English A and English B Online Lessons!

FREE! (sessions valued at $1500TTD)


One class per group per week.  You can sign up for a maximum of 2 groups, 1 English A group and 1 English B group and a minimum of 1 group, 1 English A or 1 English B. 


September 12th, 2022 – December 3rd, 2022 

Time: 4pm-6pm via Zoom

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